Money Making Machine

After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and recovering from the operation which successfully removed all traces of it, Victor felt the need to record his life experiences. This proved to be a time-consuming task and, for a man who struggled to articulate his thoughts on paper, a tedious one. It took him months to produce a document with almost 50 000 words, and he was still not done. Giving up on the job was not an option, so he looked around for help.

In Victor’s real world of synchronicities, he was introduced to Patricia Crain, who was only slightly daunted by the tightly spaced manuscript – all in capital letters – and agreed to help shape his notes into a book.

For a man that generally has what might be called a robust ego and sense of self, Victor is remarkably humble about the courage, strength and determination which it took to navigate the challenges in his life. He believes that any person can achieve what he has. During the creation of the book, Money-Making Machine, Victor hoped to encourage, inspire and guide his readers. The overwhelming message of the book is to not give up in the face of adversity. Victor shows how he learnt to welcome change and navigate it – something like riding the waves – and how he developed his current goal of helping others.

We will be highlighting short excerpts from the book, showing what the life lessons inherent in them. If you can’t wait, and want to get the book for yourself, click here for the Amazon platform. Also available in Portuguese, the e-book can be ordered from other platforms as well [insert link here].

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