Whether you are employed or not, In these tough times of uncertainty, where we need to sustain our lifestyle, in some way or another, for example as not to just survive and deteriorate further, but yes, to live and elevate our standards going forward, I personally feel that we have to be proactive and challenge our status quo. You might be employed, but your salary has most probably been decreased or your working hours have been reduced or even both.
You should always bear in mind that your boss, is always in control of your life. With this in mind, you have to definitely think about doing something on the side-line as to supplement your income. I call this being responsible, proactive and of course, most importantly being in control of your life.

Don’t be scared, be courageous and adventurous, don’t let your existing commitments hold you back. You are not resigning. You are simply setting up a small side project, like for instance selling a commodity that is consumed orally, by humans, as the likes of selling boiled eggs, cakes, popcorn, candy floss, anything within these parameters, to the public, be it where they may operate. You! Already employed, don’t have to do this yourself, but by getting someone that you know and trust, that is possibly standing idle, without a job. Not only are you creating a vacancy for a job, as well as creating your side line enterprise.

The important factor here is to simply not be greedy and offer an attractive return for the sales, so that your employee, does not feel eroded by your approach. It’s very important to keep your employee happy, so that you can be at peace, earning an extra income without much of an effort, yet keeping the business on a roll. For example, I would offer my employee, partner, whatever it might be, a simple sweet 60% of the net profit. This would sort of guarantee some sort of stability, loyalty moving forward. You might ask yourself, why then wouldn’t they do it for themselves totally. The answer is simple, and that is that not everyone can be a leader, most individuals are followers, not wanting to carry the burden of responsibility, they like to feel secure, knowing that what they have is secure, instead of not knowing what they are going to get, responsibility free. Think about it carefully, you still keeping your day job, having a side business, having created a certain amount of jobs, with individuals that have been in a state of inertia.

The answer to the question is a simple YES! Because you have to look after yourself, otherwise, no one else will. When things are going well, everything is runs smoothly and life carries on. When things change for the worse, then doesn’t matter how great you are at your job, your boss has to make decisions. That is why today, with all the uncertainty, no one can commit themselves with any sort of long term debt. Why? You may ask. Well! You commit yourself with the purchasing of a home, over a 20 year period and then you are retrenched five years down the line. Cannot get another job, ass jobs are scarce and non-existent, cannot pay your commitment going forward and guess what. YOU LOSE EVERYTHING! YES! The thought is frightening, but so real.
Tell yourself today, that you are getting out of the fantasy world and deep into the real world, where you experience, first hand reality, allowing you to recognize and realize that what you are offering your boss and he so dearly appreciates, in turn loving you, could be done for your good (pocket).
Bon Voyage