10 Habits for my success

10 Great daily habits that give you a superb lifestyle, in turn, bringing you to success.

1) GET UP EARLY, HAVE A GREAT HEALTHY BREAKFAST– Your morning routine should be constant. Set the ball rolling early.
Your performance should peak towards mid-morning. You’ll have more time to devote to your goals.

2)BE POSITIVE AND STAY ADAPTABLE–You must be able to capture negative thoughts and instantly create a counter positive statement, so that when you are confronted with a challenge, you are now ready to, adjust and execute.

3)FIND A HOBBY TO KEEP YOU IN SHAPE–Manage stress through sport, gym, running, walking, so that you get your mind away from problems that will always crop up, hence keeping you fit, both physically and mentally.

4)SOCIALIZE– Make time to engage with humans in everyday life, otherwise, with all the technology, social media, etc., that surrounds you, you shall be doomed and become a robot. Practice gratitude by showing your appreciation and be a peoples person, by opening yourself through communication, understanding, respecting, trusting and smiling.

5) PLAN YOUR DAY– the day before so that you don’t waste any time of the day. Allow a little time for unforeseen circumstances. Never leave for tomorrow, what you should do today. Be proactive and do what you have to do.

6)BE FLEXIBLE–Flexibility, keeps you energized and excited about your tasks. Set yourself 3 goals daily and try to achieve them. If you do you’ll just feel fulfilled.

7)CHALLENGE YOUR STATUS QUO– Continuously. Get out of that rut. Avoid complacency. The world is changing rapidly and continuously, what worked yesterday, might not work today. Be proactive, innovate, reinvent and be prepared for any eventuality. This is what I call “BEING LUCKY”

8)SELFCARE– is very important and you owe it to your overall wellbeing. Discipline yourself and allocate time to do your checkups, time to work smart, time for the family and time to be able to play hard. Be persistent and constant at what you say and, don’t say and don’t do.

9)MEDITATION–End your day on a high, by simply taking 15-20 minutes by shutting your eyes and recollecting that day’s events. The good, bad and ugly. Dissect them all and only carry forth to the following day, the good. Bad and ugly, you can’t forget them, just push them to the side. You’ve lost nothing, in an actual fact, they’ve made you stronger in all aspects of the word. If you don’t allocate those 15-20 minutes a day you shall be doomed to fail, as you shall be continuously building up and carrying a fruitless load on a daily basis.

10) EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE–Sleep the necessary amount of hours approximately 7 hours, otherwise, you shall not be able to manage your daily plan efficiently. Isolate your mind from all the clutter of life that surrounds you, such as negative news, the bigger picture, that for which you have no control of. Rather concentrate on your little world.